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Teen self esteem: Should we be worried?

Self esteem is all about feeling good about yourself, which is descended from how much you feel you are worth and how much you feel other people value you. Common phrases heard from teens these days often include ‘I’m too fat’ and ‘Why can’t I look like that?’. This is becoming more and more prominent in today’s society. We should be encouraging our upcoming generation to be comfortable within themselves and their appearance. This self doubt can affect their mental and physical state.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is the key foundation to being able to gain self esteem and accept who we really are. By accepting our faults and recognizing our strengths and talents we will live in a much healthier frame of mind.

Poor self esteem in teenagers is most commonly influenced by going through puberty and the impact of media. Teenagers tend to compare themselves to their peers and role models. As teenagers go through their development stages at different times it is often hard to accept all shapes and sizes. They often wonder why they don’t look like their friends. This is also evident when looking at the subject of media, as it is constantly thrown in our faces that we are not good enough and that we should always be improving our appearance. It is seen everywhere, from magazines to television, video clips and advertisements.

This makes it hard for teenagers to be accepting of the way they look and feel about themselves when they are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities and unrealistic advertisements. It is brainwashing from an early age, we are surrounded by it. The sexualisation in video clips is another factor, it’s encouraging the viewer to have to appear ‘sexy’ to be noticed. Is this what we want teens to think? Looking from a different perspective, the young male generation have this sudden need to ‘bulk up’. Where did this come from? Is it really healthy?

In my opinion I think we should definitely be worried about this subject. It is hard to be accepting of our flaws. With the way our future generation is heading, it seems as if we are going to be a very unhealthy society, both physically and mentally. Do you know any girls that starve themselves just to be skinny? Do you think this is helping their mental or physical state? This is what we should be worrying about.

We should be recognizing and celebrating each individual and their own identity. Think realistically and accept that we are all imperfect, yet we are our perfect selves. Nobody is exactly the same and nobody is the same YOU. Ban all negative comments and thoughts by giving compliments and celebrating our own uniqueness. Teen self esteem is an issue in which is almost impossible to solve, but not impossible to improve. We can all make a difference, whether you are a parent, teacher, student or any member of the public you can encourage the importance of self esteem and acceptance.