Ever thought about playing a musical instrument?


The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” It is no surprise that he was right. Music creates an indescribable internal happiness and pleasure. There are many benefits with playing a musical instrument, including capacity for memory, improved perseverance, enhanced coordination, better mathematical skills, relief of stress and promotion of happiness.


Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can enhance the capacity of your memory by stimulating the brain. This strongly refers to the use of words as opposed to images. The parts of the brain that is linked to learning an instrument is also used to control motor skills, hearing and storing audio information. These parts of the brain become larger  and more active when learning an instrument.


Learning an instrument also takes time, effort, patience and perseverance. It is almost impossible to perfect an instrument straight up. By repetition and patience, people tend to teach themselves how to persevere in order to play music. Playing an instrument also requires a lot of hand-eye coordination. You are forced to convert notes on a page to a particular pattern on an instrument, incorporating rhythm and breathing.


Many people may be unaware of the mathematical benefits of playing an instrument. It can enhance your mathematical ability by counting notes and rhythms. Pattern recognition and mental representation are likely to significantly improve as a result of learning an instrument.


Music is an art and a way to express emotion. It has been proven that music relieves stress and is often used as a form of therapy. It is useful for treating children and teenagers with disorders such as autism and depression. Learning an instrument gives you a sense of pride and achievement. This promotes happiness and joy, which links in with the relief of stress.


It is evident that learning an instrument has many benefits for a range of areas. Memory, perseverance, coordination, mathematics, relief of stress and an increase of happiness is just the beginning. Music can be beneficial to anyone and is a fantastic outlet.


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