What does your eye colour say about you?

Brown eyesImage

Those with brown eyes are known to be very grounded and not swayed by materialistic objects or desires. They are independent and strong people who love to make new friends with a polite and caring manner. They have an affectionate nature which helps with the ability to cheer people up and make them laugh. People with brown eyes tend to be self confident and determined with a love of nature.

Hazel eyesImage

People with Hazel eyes are considered to be elegant, independent and courageous. They do not hesitate to try new things and love a challenge. They are fun-loving and spontaneous people.

Blue eyesImage

Blue eyes are very desirable. People with blue eyes tend to be sensitive and romantic with a desire for true love. Blue eyed people are more likely to have long lasting relationships. They are peaceful, kind, sentimental and smart. They are spiritual beings, especially those with deep blue eyes.

Green eyesImage

People with green eyes are curious and imaginative with a certain mysteriousness behind them. They are intelligent and have a connection with nature. They are passionate people who aim to live their life to their fullest potential. They are the most advanced souls and have a great potential in life. Negatively, jealously is a huge part of their personalities.

Grey eyesImage

People with grey eyes are wise and gentle individuals and the least aggressive. They are sensitive with an inner strength beneath them. They think rationally and analytically.

Black/Dark brown eyesImage

People with black or very dark brown eyes are considered to be trustworthy and responsible. They are quite reserved people with strong spiritual minds. They are secretive and passionate with a lively personality. They never leave a friend in need.

Do you have a mix of colours?

If you have colours within your normal eye colour it could mean you have some health problems you weren’t aware about.

Yellow- Suggests poor kidney function

Neon Orange- Suggests blood sugar imbalances and problems with digestion of carbohydrates

Dirty Orange- May suggest gallbladder problems

Dark Brown- Related to liver function

Reddish Brown- Suggests problems blood purification and building. Also possible problems with liver, spleen and bone marrow

It is also known that people with lighter coloured eyes are believed to have fewer obstacles in life.

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  1. Posted by Mrs B on May 27, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    Love the information at the end – handy!


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